Liz Venom

Internationally renowned artist, award winning tattooer, oil painter, business owner and fierce advocate for environmental protections.

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  • Colour

    Vibrant colour realism nature themed tattoos by Liz Venom

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  • vibrant realistic tropical sleeve tattoo by Liz Venom

    Sleeves and large projects

    Gorgeous fully saturated, realistic tattoo sleeves by Liz Venom

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  • Gorgeous black and grey realistic dog portrait by artist Liz Venom

    Black and grey

    Beautifully smooth black and grey realistic tattoo art from Liz Venom

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Be deadly

A proud owner of the Deadly North tattoo supply, Liz Venom's passion for the environment pushed her to introduce biodegradable, compostable and sustainable tattoo supplies to the Canadian market, forcing other suppliers to follow suit.

With passion, comes change.

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